How Much Commission Will You Pay? 
It all depends on the strength of the offers we bring to you. Should you accept an offer we bring you'll pay a minimum of 0%  - we will decide together and create a sliding scale for our compensation tied to the strength of the offer. 

Why Put Your Faith In Me? 
I've been selling Southeastern Michigan homes and condominiums for over 27 years and have completed hundreds of succesful home and condo sales. When you meet with me in person you'll quickly get a sense that I'm a knowledgable, reliable and experienced professional who will always keep your very best interests front and center. 

I Understand and Respect Your Decision. 
Inventory is tight and there's never been a better opportunity to try and sell on your own. Myth: Realtors sell homes for more money than private sellers. Fact: A good Realtor makes the job much, much easier. Do you know what to do when the buyers ask for thouands in repairs or worse...cancel and walk away? We do.  

Can I Really Cancel The Listing Agreement at Anytime? 
Believe it! You'll get zero resistance from me should you decide to move in another direction. The only stipulation is that you can not accept an offer from any buyers that we bring to the table without compensation. 

My Philosophy 
Communicate! I pledge to be in constant communication with you, keeping you fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process. I believe that if you’re not left with an amazing experience, we haven’t done our job. We don’t measure success through achievements or awards, but through the referrals from our clients.